Contextual Practice

by Salma

revelation of erasure

3rd october

For this project we had to paint over and collage 10 photos of our own

i enjoyed this project as it was relaxed and i enjoy experimenting so i didn't feel limited at what i could do.

i painted depending on the mood of the photo for example i took a photo that was quite minimalistic so i only added dots onto it as i felt that it matched the mood.

and for another photo i made my painting messy as the photo had alot going on, that seems like something you shouldn't do but i liked the way it turned out.

at first i struggled as the photo i chose was at a weird angle but i chose better photos to work with after that. 


(not all my work)

Analysing advertisements - Wednesday 2nd October

Wednesday 2nd October

When interpreting this piece of work i considered the image, the people in it, the colours, the font and the words. The font is delicate which keeps the page looking subtle as if you imagine a bold thick font it would take the attention away from the women and look out of place.

i also try to look deeply and see if any elements add to the meaning or are hidden.

The advert we were given to analyse as a group was a difficult one to analyse as there wasn't much to analyse as it was pretty straight forward and i didn't feel that it many hidden meanings.

The advert i analysed alone was easy as the meaning was obvious and i was able to find more things to talk about.


Analysing Adverts - Wednesday 2nd October


Analysing advertisements - Wednesday 2nd October

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My product - JFFA - Wednesday 18th september


9th September - BUILD IT


This was our response to the build it task,me and my peers were unsure of what we were making so we just went with the flow.

We kept adding pyramids onto each-other and we made a shape that looked like a table and we decided to add 4 long bamboo sticks on the top which made the sculpture look nicer and bigger as it looked more pit together. 

to add depth and extra detail i suggested we put tape around the long pyramid which worked out really well as it looks very pleasing to the eyes.

To add a balance of white we put white string on the bottom, which also added nice detail. the rough thread on the bottom contrasted with the sharp top of the tape which worked well as putting straight lined tape on the bottom could have made it look tacky. Another thing i liked was the organic free look of it and the colours also looked nice together.

I find working in a group interesting as you can really se how all of our ideas work together and having ideas and input from other can really improve or change your work for the better or even the worse. 

i personally wouldn't change anything about the sculpture as i think it was a success, if i was to create this sculpture for someone or for a place i would make sure everything is more secure and safe.

i felt that our sculpture could fit well in a park as a sculpture as the organic appearance would work well with the grass and trees in a park. I also think that it could work well as a toy for kids to climb on in a playground obviously the sculpture would have to be re-adapted and new materials that are strong would have to be used like rope.

An example of the kind of rope:


i would say that i would keep the rope white however white rope will look dirty from the kids shoes which would ruin the appearance so i think blue could work but the colour of the bamboo would also be blue, the colours shouldn't be too harsh as it will ruin the natural look of nature.

Bamboo would still be used as its a sustainable material however the sticks would have to become chunks of bamboo.

At the end of the session we were asked to make a sculpture as long as we can, it looked nice as it looked thought out and not rushed but wasn't the longest sadly.

IMG_8726 2.JPG



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Reflective questions - 12 september 2019


This session was less boring than i thought it would be as i interacted with the space around me by linking my work to my surroundings . In the beginning i was skeptical but it was better than i thought it would be as i could never see my self doing anything like this.

To start our work and to find a topic to present we were given a random phone number from the other class and we had a text conversation for 30 mins i spent 20 mins trying to get to know the person rather than actually do the work however i was able to find out that their fear was change. they told me that they moved from Korea and live lone and are having a hard not only from the language barrier but the sudden change in culture.

I think texting a stranger is a good method which i could possibly use in the future as there are no barriers stopping you from asking what you want as you are both anonymous. This technique could also be used to collect information for surveys or things like that.

 when making my poster I chose a basic font as this is what the teacher requested from us

I wasn’t sure how I could communicate the fear of change effectively so I chose to use the word change alone and to make it clear that the word connotes a negative message

i cut the word out in red card as red Represent fear and danger, to add to the negative meaning of the word i connected red wire to the word in the form of a heart beat The beat of the heart starts off quick and ends with a straight line suggesting that the person is dead ,This shows that change can be very difficult for many people 

I also used my surroundings to add to the message of change by connecting the dead heartbeat to the inside of the tap,The tap represents change as the tap can be turned on and off when the tap is turned on when the tap is turned on It represents pressure ,the pressure anxiety and stress we may feel from change.

The size wasn't too big however to improve i would make the heartbeat bigger and would have used a different material other than wire because the tips of the heartbeat weren't as sharp as i wanted them to be. I also think that adding sounds of a heart beat increasing and stopping would communicate the idea and make it more meaningful and emotional.





Contextual practice - describing our photograph - Wednesday 11th September

The previous day we were asked to bring in a photograph of a place, i chose a photo of a train station.

we put keywords that we associated with this place and we wrote a paragraph about this place.

My Key words: People, Danger, Noise, Cool, Breeze, Man made, Pollution, Stripes, Dots, Lines, Crowded ,Neutral colours

- This place isn't a particularly positive or great place to describe so my paragraph is very bland and uninspiring.

My Paragraph: "I come here everyday so that i can go to university, i like it when its empty when the trains are full i feel stressed however i enjoy putting both my headphones on and enjoying my great music. The colours in this station are neutral however the trains are nice and bright. Another nice bright colour is located on the floor, "the yellow line".Yellow is a nice colour but is used to warn people of danger. I feel stressed at times when i am with my family at the train station as im worried someone may push them as my religion tends to get that kind of reaction from people, i can finally relax when the train stops. The breeze that comes by when the train passes in the underground is always nice.

IMG_8985 3.JPG 




Research Task


Wednesday 4th September - contextual practice

Me and my peers discussed a world without gravity which i thought was quite an interesting topic and im glad we got to discuss it. My peers reminded me of how a world without gravity would realistically be like as i forgot the actual problems and difficulties we as humans would face if we were to actually go through something like this.

They spoke about videos they had seen on the internet as evidence of life without gravity they referenced NASA and life on the moon which was a good link to our work. When continuing the discussion my mind kept going to the videos, i had seen them before but also forgot them. The videos helped me break down things and helped me think of ways we could cope with a world without gravity.

A product i designed in response to a world without gravity would be very costly but would be worth it. my products were clothes with magnets inside of them, the whole world would be covered with magnets and when we walk we will stay on the ground as our shoes will have the strongest magnets in them so we will never worry about floating off.

I think art and design could help many people be more aware of things around the world such as global warming. Artists and designers could introduce new products for the future that may assist or do something positive or possibly negative for the future.



message vacuum

10th september

in this project we took photos and filmed some things.

in some of our photos we had to become objects and use ourselves to make sculptures which was different to me.

i learned that fine art 4d isn't just about photos but its also about performance which i found interesting as i thought it was just about photography and videos and doing this project reminded me that a photo isn't just a photo.

i think a photograph performs when the subject is moving while the photo is being taken or if they are posing in a weird way 

i enjoyed this project but at times i felt put off when giving my ideas because people weren't as open minded as i enjoy experimenting when it comes to photography.

i like taking photos on my phone but i think that i would have preferred using a proper camera as the quality would have been alot better.







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24th September - Explore it 

For this project we were asked to go to stores and look at ways in which fruits and vegetables are packed and from that make our own product.

we were asked to look at watermelons, lemons and tomatoes however i looked at all types of packaging for inspiration.



i found it hard to come up with designs every minute as PDC isn't something i was ever interested in so i wasn't i didn't feel inspired and ideas weren't flowing as easily as they were for other projects.

After some hard thinking i came up with 3 ideas that i liked, i made a rugby goal for the lemon as lemons look like thicker versions of a rugby ball. i also made a tomato football goal and a tomato magic stick which was targeted to wards magicians.

working with limited material and time was hard as i fl that i would have felt more inspired with more complex materials.

i definitely expected PDC to be like this , i like the idea of making products that are useful for people but i think that in PDC you are limited to making things that are out of the box.

As a group we made a product for the watermelon which i thought was nice but wasn't different or exciting to me but i liked the organic and fresh look.











Object description - Wednesday 25 September



Reflection - 16th september

For this studio session we had to make something for the body.

The design ideas we made were based on these 3 words- suspend, support, surround

The word i decided to focus on was support and i linked the words support and comfort together so i created a neck piece/body piece inspired by comfort.





It is comfortable for the user as it is like someone is always with you, comforting you and hugging you.

my friend, Verity who was also my model couldn't stop smiling and felt very comfortable with my product and said she could fall asleep with it !

I enjoyed this session however i didn't like what i had made as i didn't have enough time to create 3 more heads which would have surrounded the rest of the body and looked like a dress like i wanted it to. ideally i would have wanted to use materials other than bubble wrap however i couldn't do that. 

what surprised me is that i could technically make a dress if i wanted as JFFA is all about designs on the body.





Brand identity - WEAR IT - Wednesday 18th September

writing down my brand identity helped me establish the main points of my brand identity and when i discussed my brand with my partner i was able to develop my brand identity further for example the model was originally female, this could have portray the wrong message as its not just women who need/want comfort, its other genders too therefore i decided in that moment to have the model be genderless as it represents the people rather then a person.

The most challenging part of the brand identify was figuring out a name and trying to make it seem like my product would actually be successful in the market which i dont think it would be because its a ridiculous idea with a good cause in mind.



IMG_5248 2.JPG

Verity here quite liked my product, she said she felt comfortable and felt that she could fall asleep because of how comfy she felt and clearly it made her happy so maybe it might just work.

WEAR IT - Product -brand identity reflection



26th september



To start off this project we were given 3 words to make a sculpture.

My words were gathered , magician and burger.

I added some humour as my magician was a bear which was flying on top of my structure .The burger was hard to do but I guess the many layers of my work would represent a burger . And I gathered a bunch Of screws on the bottom of my sculpture for the word gathered

The main materials i used to make this were yarn, metal and paper

we didn't plan what we were making and we had to go to the yard to pick up random objects for our sculpture which was a challenge because you have no idea how your work will turn out or what it will become. I made sure that I chose a good variety so that i wouldn't need top go back and so that i could make something symmetrical and easy on the eyes. I picked up two objects that were the same to make sure there was some symmetry to my work.

I like thinking through working as I have learned from my own personal work that you can’t judge what u are making from the start and accidents can create good work. i dont like that we weren't able to plan but i dont judge my work as i know that it will get better if i continue. 


I don’t think it matters whether my work links to my starting point unless it was vital for me to link to my starting point but it wasn’t

An accident was that I surrounded the screws on the bottom in a circle which was not planned but I felt that it added to the piece and that is probably my favourite part.








30th september

my number was 0 i made many ideas surrounding it but i decided to go for my caterpillar design 

I was easily able to adapt my screen print to make a animation of a caterpillar moving and going through its life cycle.

I was sitting in a weird position when taking many photos  which made it hard for me to keep the photos in the exact place all the floor is showing which i didn't want.

The biggest challenges i faced were taking photos again and again after every small movement especially because of the time limit.

if i was to redo this i would use a larger piece of paper so i could cover up the floor and i would hold my camera more steadily. 



23rd september

I enjoyed this project as it was chill and we mainly did observational drawings

I tried out ways of drawing that i dont usually try like drawing with my left hand instead of my right,

At the end we made a sculpture on a human, we had the choice to use a model or just make something based on our surroundings but we chose to make something on a human.

I as the model so i didnt do much but i liked the finished product as you cab see how everybodys ideas mixed together creates something successful  in the end

I didn't know that in textiles you can create things for the environment as i thought it was mainly making garments 



1st october

For the second part of your data we  did observational drawings of objects that we bought in that mean something to us  and we drew them in different ways.

for the second Part we drew patterns on some acetate and projected them on someone and then we made a sculpture based on our surroundings.



i think our sculpture was successful as all of our objects combined looked nice.

and i like the patterns we used on the projected as our work combined looked nice.

i personally would have re did my pattern and made it more detailed and i would have used a fine liner as it would have looked way better.

i lied the technique of projecting patterns on clothing as it is a nice way to create patterns  and i would definitely do something like this in the future if i am ever unsure of patterns to make.




17TH september

I enjoyed this project as it was fun to photograph and style my friends.

working as a group was also fun. my team and i worked well together which was good but maybe once or twice we disagreed on a styling decision but we worked around those problems to make each of us happy with the end result.

i was particularly happy with this dress as it was a pure example of us adding our own elements to create something beautifully as each thing layered was a idea from each of us and it worked really nicely.



strategies that helped us when making a successful look was considering the colours and colour blocking and patterns that had similar colours.

 think all of our looks were successful but my least favourite was this black one as i didn't think there was many layers and it was quite basic.


i thought that this session was mainly about what we made but then i realised fashion communication is the way we show the clothes using photography and film, i thought we were just taking photos to record them but if i re do this i would think more carefully in the way i photograph/film my work

in my group we were just having fun with our clothes and the mood of them and we were filming based on this.





19th september 

For this project we went outside and looked at buildings and did observational drawings and made clothes for the body using shapes that we saw on the buildings.

we were not told to look for unconventional shapes when we went out to draw so i had only found shapes like triangles and squares but then we were told they were supposed to be unconventional but i looked deeper into my drawings and thankfully found some unconventional shapes.

i honestly did not enjoy this session as  i dot like making things out of paper as its difficult , limiting and boring.

when making my shapes into a garment i considered whether they would look balanced when placed on a human.

My final product looked better than i thought but i  wasn't extremely happy with it as it didn't feel complete.


i switched up the shapes to see how they would look placed differently, i like the back more than the front.



Ideas factory - 2nd September

In the beginning of the lesson we were given 3 words which were Materials, process and ism the our tutor gave out 3 random words to each student which linked to these three 3 words were Hair, wrap and futurism.

After we were given these words we were asked to create design ideas in response to them.

I felt that my ideas were silly as they wouldnt be useful or useable, an example of my unusable work would be my wrap made of hair for bread and shampoo for the filling. i liked my coat design which uses human hair as padding for extra warmth, particularly curly hair as its comfy and warm.Another usable design was my dress made of hair but i felt that it wasn't unique and was a very easy idea.

My favourite design which i wanted to develop was my dandruff vacuum i liked this idea as it was useful and could be successful so i started to develop it.




the shape was originally a regular vacuum with the regular size which is a waste of plastic and is not practical so i made it smaller, the shape was inspired a small car vacuum and a head massager.

i combined both pleasure and practicality which makes my product attractive to people and can be reused unlike dandruff shampoo that you have to always re-buy 


I think my outcome was successful as my feedback was positive and my peers told me that i could add another setting to my device which sucks out knits as well as dandruff which works very well with my idea.

 in the crit I clearly explained the concept and and I captured people’s imaginations by showing products  I was inspired by (secondary research) to help them imagine the size and look of the end product.

having some students present in front of the class was also useful as a student used sound in his presentation to set the mood for his product which worked well and is something i could potentially do.